Leopard attack leaves farmer injured in Falakata

Alipurduar, 11th June: An atmosphere of terror gripped the residents following the horrifying leopard attack that left a farmer with significant injuries. The incident surfaced from the Chandnikura area under the Dhanirampur-II Gram Panchayat of the Falakata block. The injured individual has been identified as Subal Roy (51), a local farmer.

According to reports, the farmer had ventured out in the field earlier at six in the morning when he spotted that the paddy field was noticeably damaged. Assuming the goats were responsible, he entered the paddy field to chase away the animals. Meanwhile, the leopard hiding in the paddy field was alarmed and immediately clawed the farmer on the back. Upon responding to his screams, the locals rushed to his rescue while the leopard fled. 

Subsequently, the Binnaguri Wildlife Division, the officials of the Dalgaon Range, and the police of Jateshwar Outpost under Falakata Police Station promptly arrived at the spot. The forest officials arrived at the scene and set up a cage to capture the animal.

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