Leftist youth student organization shouts ‘Chor-Chor’ slogan at Trinamool’s rally in Siliguri

Siliguri, 13th June: The Darjeeling District Mahila Trinamool Congress staged a protest rally in Siliguri, accusing the central government of economic deprivation. However, during the rally, a leftist youth student organization seized the opportunity to express their dissent by chanting the slogan ‘Chor-Chor’ (thief-thief).

As the Trinamool Mahila Congress rally progressed along Hill Cart Road, members and supporters of the Left Youth Students Organization formed lines along the roadside. They vocalized their disapproval by loudly shouting slogans referring to alleged corruption.

In response to these actions, Trinamool’s Darjeeling District President Papiya Ghosh, dismissed the chants as an attempt to mock them. She emphasized that their primary focus is to serve the public and fight for the welfare of the people, unaffected by such criticisms.

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