Landlord at Pradhan Nagar kicked out 18-year-old for fear she may spread COVID-19  

Siliguri, 18th April: GTA chairman Anit Thapa paid a visit to Pahadiya Bhawan, Siliguri to meet 18 year old, Ethena Limbu, a resident of Sikkim.

Ethena came to the Bhawan as the last resort when her landlord at Pradhan Nagar forced her out of the house after she fell ill.

Ethena works at a call center in Sevoke road, and was currently living in a rented apartment at Pradhan Nagar. She had experienced severe headache and had gone to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) for treatment. It was later found that she was suffering from migraine. When she returned from the hospital, she was not allowed to enter her home by her landlord even after showing the doctors diagnosis and prescription. 

Leaving her with no other option, she had to go back to NBMCH to get admitted. The next day, with the help of the GTA Help Desk at Siliguri, under the leadership of Binny Sharma, she was discharged from the hospital and given accommodation at the Pahadiya Bhawan. The GTA Helpdesk in Siliguri has been providing her with all the essentials and food.

Today, the GTA Chairman Anit Thapa met her and encouraged her to continue her stay at the Bhawan till the end of the lock down period. He also assured her of all help possible.

After meeting with her, Anit Thapa said, “Sikkim and Darjeeling have a good relationship. This daughter of Sikkim is our own daughter too. Her suffering is our daughter’s suffering. To protect her is our utmost responsibility. Till the normalization of the situation she will be under our care and protection. Her parents need not worry about her.”

Ethena expressed her gratitude towards the GTA Chairman Anit Thapa and the Helpdesk in- charge Binny Sharma for the timely help meted out to her.

8 thoughts on “Landlord at Pradhan Nagar kicked out 18-year-old for fear she may spread COVID-19  

  1. Ineed says:

    Thank you for the help, at the same time we must think on empowering our youth for higher qualification and training unlike working in BPO at just 18. Government of Sikkim and Authority in Klpong Drjling must give serious thought on it.

  2. P.C says:

    Landlord should be severely punished by Law.. Shouldn’t be spared at all.. May God Bless her with everything she needs at this hour of crisis

  3. P.C says:

    Very true. But at this moment of time the law should be beside her to protect. At the same time this landlord, whoever he or she is shouldn’t be spared. Thanks

  4. Sonali Das says:

    I and my husband we both are from Siliguri and currently residing in Sikkim, even at this hour of crisis we did not face any kind of trouble here nor are we or anybody from any other place is ill- treated in this State. Listening to this story I really feel ashamed of few people from my State who are so cruel especially at this situation when we should stand beside other needy people, also who are away from their family just to earn their livelihood. I strongly agree that this landlord should either be punished or made to understand “Humanity”

  5. Suraj chhettri says:

    Very much appreciable job done helping daughter of Sikkim, it is
    Indeed service for mankind !! Those owner who failed to show compassion on such person who need help is a matter of serious problem in human society ! some of us have become so selfish and ignorant due to this sometimes such problems exists in our societies ! Further, it is our utmost responsibility to take care, provide protection and support to needy person specially Girls !

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