Lack of teachers in Rajganj’s Panasbari Junior High School puts children’s future at risk

Rajganj, 18th July: Ambari’s Panashbari Junior High School in Rajganj has not seen a teacher for the last six months. Despite the number of students attending the school, there is no teacher present and due to this, the students are facing a lot of difficulties and their future is being jeopardized. 

It has been reported that for the last six months, Panashguri Junior High School in Shikhapur Gram Panchayat of Rajganj block has been locked. For the last few years, a guest teacher was teaching the students in the school. The tenure of the teaching period of the said teacher ended six months ago. Even if the students come to school but they have to return home studying and learning nothing. 

If the knowledge bearer is only missing then the future of the students seems bleak. More than 40 students from class VI to class VIII have been facing difficulties and hardships with their education. Every day their dreams of studying get shattered when they take their bags full of books but only to return home learning nothing. Both students and their parents are concerned regarding the lack of teachers. 

In regard to this, students of the school stated that they attend the school but only to their dismay have to return to their home without studying. This is gravely hampering their education and studies. The children demanded for teachers be recruited or appointed to the school at the earliest. Meanwhile, the parents alleged that despite appealing and urging different authorities and administrations on the matter, no solution has been found yet. 

In this context, Assistant School Inspector Rajiv Chakraborty stated that currently there are no teachers in the school. Soon arrangements will be made to bring guests teachers to the school.

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