Kumartuli sculptors occupied making idols day and night with the arrival of Goddess Durga 

Alipurduar, 03rd September: The festive season has arrived in India with the approach of the autumn season bringing excitement to the mood of the devotees. Only a few weeks are left for the Durga Puja and preparations are going on in full swing across the nation and the state. A lot of enthusiasm and excitement is seen among the people of Bengal on the arrival of the Goddess.

The sculptors are working day and night in Kumartuli to bring and create the desired idols of Maa Durga. Almost all the idol artists of Kumartuli are engaged in making the statue working day and night. Work is being done day and night to make the idol of Maa Durga beautiful. The clay work of the idol is almost in its final stages and the work of painting and adorning the idol of Durga will commence soon.

For the last two years, due to the pandemic, the sculptors of Kumartuli had to face a financial crisis as the state did not witness any grand celebrations amid the pandemic. This time the situation has come under control and normalized. The sculptors of the Mujnai area of Falakata are hopeful that their business will revive and start thriving like early years. Keeping up this hope they are working day and night making Maa Durga idols.

A sculptor named Dilip Pal said that in the last two years during the pandemic, he suffered a lot in his business. But this year with God’s grace the situation has normalized. Thus, he is hopeful to get back to his old footing in the business as he has received a good number of orders. Another sculptor named Bishnupada Pal said that this time the market is good citing that idols will be delivered all around the state.

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