Katihar Mayor Shivraj Paswan shot dead, main accused arrested from Siliguri

Siliguri, 01st August: Katihar Mayor Shivraj Paswan was shot dead on July 29 near his house. Police have arrested four persons in connection with the case. The main accused was arrested in Siliguri on Saturday night.

Reportedly, 10 names had come up in the incident. 4 of them have already been arrested. Pistols and a motorcycle were recovered. However, the main accused Saket Shubham (alias Tare) managed to escape from Bihar and was hiding in Siliguri.

On Saturday night, Bihar police, with the assistance of the Siliguri Police Commissionerate arrested Saket from Ward No. 26. He was hiding in a relative’s house. He was presented at Siliguri court on Sunday and has been taken to Katihar on transit remand.

It has been learned that the mayor was killed out of revenge.

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