Karnataka youth fell ill during on-foot India tour, police extend assistance in Siliguri

Siliguri, 21st September: The police of Pradhan Nagar police station has extended assistance to a youth named Krishna Nayak, who is on an on-foot tour to India to promote Yoga. The move prompted Krishna to adhere to the cops of Pradhan Nagar police station.

As per reports, Krishna Nayak, a resident of Mysore in Karnataka, set on an India tour to promote Yoga by walking. He traveled across several states in the previous year. Three days ago, he arrived at Siliguri, where his health condition deteriorated. Following this, the youth urged city locals for aid at Siliguri’s Darjeeling More.

Later, the matter was notified to Anirban Bhattacharya, the Officer-in-Charge of Pradhan Nagar police station. Following this, the officer along with his team arrived at Darjeeling More and rescued Krishna and took him to a Guest House in Mallaguri, and kept Krishna for two days. Upon receiving the aid, Krishna’s health condition turned normal. On Thursday, the youth left for Darjeeling.

In this regard, Krishna stated that he halted at temples and petrol pumps the previous year. He added that, in Siliguri, the police station in charge and his team have provided immense help and support which he will treasure as a memory. Simultaneously, he expressed his gratitude to the entire team of Siliguri Metropolitan Police.

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