Karatowa bridge closed, locals block road demanding alternative arrangement

Rajganj, 30th December: Karatowa bridge leading to Gajaldoba has been closed due to the crack in the bridge. The dilapidated condition of the bridge has halted the movement of said bridge. The closure of the movement has resulted in people protesting by blocking the road and demanding alternative arrangements for the movement. 

Today, the locals protested by blocking the road at Paramunda More of Gajoldoba Fulbari Canal Road. Heading from the Siliguri side, one has to go through the canal road to reach the tourist hub “Bhorer Aalo” located at Gajoldoba. On the other hand, vehicles have been banned from December 18 due to the present dilapidated condition of the bridge over the Karatowa river in the Shimulguri area, some distance from the railway overbridge in Sahudangi area. 

The detractors said that most of the people of Mantadari Gram Panchayat and surrounding areas are dependent on Siliguri. Some of them have to sustain their livelihood in Siliguri daily to sell vegetables or fish, while some work as daily wage labourers or for various other needs. Due to the closure of the said road, they are facing trouble running their daily lives. Students and patients are facing more difficulty in commuting to school colleges and the hospital. They have to travel a long way to reach Siliguri via Ambari. Not only this, but due to the Ambari rail gate, one has to get stuck for a long time. Citing the said reasons the locals demanded an alternative arrangement. 

On the other hand, soon after getting information about the incident, Mantadari Gram Panchayat head Deepak Vishwas, Tusharkanti Dutta block president of Trinamool Youth Congress, and public representatives of the area reached the spot. Tusharkanti Dutta, block president of Trinamool Youth Congress, said that thousands of people commute daily through this route and will thus, take the matter to BDO and MLA to build a diversion bridge.

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