Journalist Arun Khawas’ house on a verge of collapse following a landslip in Mirik Chhota Tingling

Mirik, 22nd July: The residence of Journalist Arun Khawas in Chhota Tingling under Mirik subdivision is on a verge of collapse following a landslide in the area due to the incessant rainfall last night.

A classic example of history-repeating-itself, Khawas has been a victim of a landslide in the past too. It is to recall, on July 8, 2003, a massive landslide swept away around six houses in Chhota Tingling, including the house of Khawas.

Although the affected families were relocated to the area near Katare Forest, however, the spot too was hit by another dangerous landslip. 

Khawas apparently informed the concerned department regarding the situation and hopes for prompt action.

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