Joint inspection and raid program conducted in Darjeeling to address consumer issues

Darjeeling, 23rd May: Today, a comprehensive joint inspection and raid program was conducted at various shops in Darjeeling to tackle consumer-related concerns. The initiative, led by the Consumer Affairs department, involved the participation of nine different departments, including GST, Food Safety, Darjeeling Municipality, Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices, Drugs Control, Legal Metrology, Darjeeling Police, and the Chamber of Commerce.

The primary objective of the program was to ensure consumer satisfaction and enhance the overall quality of services and products in Darjeeling. Assistant Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices, Nilay Sarkar, emphasized that these inspections would be carried out regularly as part of ongoing efforts to improve the region. The inspections focused on various aspects, such as hygiene standards in bakeries and restaurants, the proper sourcing of Chinese products, food licenses, expiry dates, GST compliance, and maximum retail prices (MRP).


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