Janamaitri Foundation steps forward to help ‘wandering youth’ of Bengal

Siliguri, 11th January: The Janamaitri Foundation has extended a helping hand towards the youths searching for jobs.
Today, at a press conference in Siliguri Journalists Club, Antrix Abhishek, on behalf of the Janamaitri Foundation, stated that his organization has already worked in Bihar and, now, they want to work for the youths of Bengal, who are wandering about in search of jobs.

The members of the institution verbally attacked the State Government and the Central Government by stating that unemployment is increasing day by day and neither the Central nor the State Government is taking any steps. Therefore, for those who are in dire need of employment, the organization will issue a toll-free number, on which, the youths can call and register their names. All possible help from the organization will be provided to those youths.
Apart from employing the youth of society, the institution aims to bring the drug-addicted youths on the right path.

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