Jan Sabha organized by Fulbari Trinamool Workers’ Organization

Siliguri, 29th February: A ‘Jan Sabha’ (public meeting) was organized by the Fulbari Trinamool Workers’ Organization in Bhola More under Fulbari-I Gram Panchayat. Around 40 BJP supporters joined Trinamool Congress in the Jan Sabha. The President of the District Workers’ Organization, Arupratan Ghosh, welcomed them to the party by handing them the party flags.

The President of the Fulbari Trinamool Congress Debashish Pramanik, Dabgram-Fulbari Yuva Trinamool Congress President Gautam Goswami, and the NJP INTTUC President Prasenjit Roy along with many other members were present during the event. The inconveniences faced by the workers were discussed in the Jan Sabha. Also, identity cards were distributed among the workers by the Workers’ Organization.

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