Jalpaiguri lockdown: Strict surveillance kept by the Kotwali police

Jalpaiguri, 29th July: While Jalpaiguri is under a complete lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus, several people fail to understand the gravity of the alarming situation and are frequently spotted breaching the lockdown protocols. Repeated operations by the police to punish lockdown violators have not yielded any benefit so far.

As per the instructions of the state government, Bengal’s ‘2-days a week’ lockdown is being carried out all over the state today. However, several people were spotted loitering around the streets unnecessarily.

Meanwhile, a large police force led by the IC of Kotwali Police station Bipul Sinha launched operations in various parts of the city. Surprisingly, some youths jumped into the Karala river as soon as they spotted the police.

The police also publicly punished several breachers on the charge of breaking lockdown and made them do squats and sit-ups in the streets.

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