Jalpaiguri District Land Loser Committee protests in demand of job

Rajganj, 06th January: On Monday, members of the Jalpaiguri District Land Loser Committee protested by locking the Irrigation Department Office of Rajganj Gatebazar.

The agitators said that the land was acquired for the government project in the year 1983-84. At the time of acquisition of the land, the affected people were promised government jobs, despite this, they have not been given any.
Earlier too, the protesters staged 8 days of hunger strike in front of the District Magistrate’s Office, they have also protested in front of the house of the Chairman of Jalpaiguri District Council and outside the house of the MLA of Rajganj. In this regard, a meeting was also held on December 17 in Uttarkanya with representatives of the Land Loser Committee.

Almost three weeks have passed since the meeting, yet the concerned have not received any green signal from the administration. Therefore, the members of the committee staged protest today. The District President of the Committee, Nazrul Rehman, said that except for a job, only assurances have been received from the leaders, ministers, and the administration. He further claimed to keep on agitating till they get the job.

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