Indian Army rescues 3 stranded Chinese citizens in North Sikkim

In a heartening gesture, the soldiers of Indian Army extended their helping hand to 3 Chinese citizens who lost their way in the Plateau area at an altitude of 17,500 feet of North Sikkim on September 03.

“Realising danger to the lives of the Chinese citizens which included two men and one woman in sub-zero temperatures, the soldiers of Indian Army immediately reached out and provided medical assistance including oxygen, food and warm clothes to protect them from the vagaries of extreme altitude and harsh climatic conditions (sic), ” the Army said in a statement.



Reportedly, the Indian troops also gave the 3 stranded Chinese citizens appropriate guidance to reach their destination. The pictures showed a soldier carrying an oxygen cylinder, while the other showed security personnel offering food to one of the men. The soldiers also helped the Chinese citizens to fix their car.

The Chinese citizens expressed their gratitude to India and the Indian Army for their assistance.

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