Illegal construction will no longer be tolerated: Munshi Nurul Islam

Siliguri, 29th September: PWD official Munshi Nurul Islam made a stern remark against illegal construction and claimed to take legal action if necessary.

Over time, several multi-story buildings are being spotted across the city. However, from now on, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation will be keeping a check to ensure whether the new constructions and multi-story buildings have been built with proper plans and permits.

Meanwhile, the Public Works Department has already divided the work into two groups and employed junior engineers in this concern. They are visiting different places in the city and supervising the multi-story building work.

Munshi Nurul Islam stated that an engineer had recently passed a building plan unethically and helped several traders build multi-story buildings in the city. The engineer is allegedly in police custody at present. SMC and the police administration have launched further investigations in this regard and are keeping strict surveillance.

The PWD official further stated that legal action will be taken against five buildings. With this, he further appealed to the general public to not panic over the activities that will be carried out by the SMC.

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