If the party does not change its decision within 24 hours, I will contest the election as an independent candidate: Nikhil Sahani

Siliguri, 31st December: As soon as the candidate lists for the municipal elections were announced, a rift among the leaders were witnessed in almost every political party. A similar scenario came forward after the Trinamool Congress released its party candidates on Thursday.

Former councillor of Ward No. 18 Nikhil Sahani has warned of contesting the SMC polls as an independent candidate if the party does not change its decision within the next 24 hours.

Reportedly, after Nikhil Sahani’s name was not mentioned in the list of Trinamool candidates, the residents of the ward, including Sahani himself, opposed the party’s decision. It is to be noted, Sahani contested in Ward No. 18 under Trinamool Congress’ ticket and was victorious twice with huge margins. He is also very popular among the ward residents. Considering this, the party’s decision came as a major shock to him and the others.

Today, Sahani held an important meeting with party workers and his supporters. He said that the party has been apprised of all the issues. And while clarifying his position to the party workers and supporters, he said that if the party sticks to its decision in the next 24 hours, he will contest the municipal elections as an independent candidate on the suggestion of his supporters.

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