Huge quantity of banned firecrackers seized from Siliguri’s Bidhan Market, one arrested 

Siliguri, 24th May: In response to recent fire incidents in Egra, East Medinipur, and English Bazar, Malda, the Siliguri Police Administration has heightened its vigilance and initiated strict actions against firecracker warehouses and shops in the city. The urgency for such measures arose following a tragic incident in English Bazar, where a warehouse of illegal firecrackers caught fire, resulting in the loss of two lives and leaving two others critically injured and currently fighting for their lives in the hospital.

Acting on a tip-off, the Siliguri Police launched an operation to uncover the illicit business of selling crackers disguised as a gift shop in Bidhan Market, Siliguri. During the operation, a substantial quantity of banned firecrackers was seized from the shop, and a businessman named Mantosh Sarkar was arrested. This recent crackdown comes in the wake of another successful operation conducted by the NJP police near the Canal Road area, where they seized a significant amount of illegal firecrackers.

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