Hotel in Phansidewa under scrutiny for alleged profanity, panchayat member attacked

Phansidewa, 09th November:  A hotel and lodge located in the Dhamnagachh area of Phansidewa was under scrutiny for setting up prostitution and gambling dens. A local BJP Panchayat member, Vishwa Biswas, was allegedly attacked for revolting against the illegal activities.

According to reports, recent developments in and around Phansidewa have brought to light a concerning surge in the illicit activities occurring within a hotel and lodge in the area. Allegedly, the administration was alerted about the matter; however, no action was taken in response. Upon learning of this, the panchayat member went to put a halt to the activities on Wednesday night. However, he was attacked for objecting to the crime and threatened by the hotel owner.

On Thursday, locals vandalized the hotel and lodge as word of the incident activities spread across the area. Subsequently, the Phansidewa police arrived at the location to restore normalcy. Numerous items including unauthorised alcohol were recovered. Meanwhile, the hotel owner Asim Majumdar is currently evading authorities.

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