Hindu Sabhya Samaj organised Mahakalash Yatra in Siliguri

Siliguri, 07th August: A Mahakalash Yatra was taken out on Sunday under the aegis of Hindu Sabhya Samaj on the holy month of Shravan. During this, thousands of followers of Sanatan Dharma and Shiva devotees participated in the Yatra.

The women devotees joined the yatra with 2100 Kalash. The Kalash Yatra started from the premises of Sri Guru Vidya Mandir School at Champasari in Siliguri and ended at Chand Muni Temple via Champasari More, Mallaguri, Darjeeling More, and worshiped at Chand Muni temple.


During this, Hindu Sabhya Samaj President Manoj Sharma and Chairperson Aditya Prasad Soni stated that this procession was taken out by bringing water from Rameswaram Dham. The Kalash Yatra is conducted every year in the auspicious month of Shravan.

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