Head-on collision between two cargo trucks on the State Highway in Rajganj

Rajganj, 11th November: An incident of mishap surfaced from the Balram area on the Sahudangi-Gandar More State Highway where two cargo trucks crashed into one another. Nevertheless, no casualties have been reported in the incident.

According to reports, the head-on collision between the two goods-carrying vehicles led to significant damages. The frontal portion of one cargo has been severely destroyed. Meanwhile, the other vehicle involved in the accident fled the scene following the incident.

Locals claimed that they rushed to the scene upon hearing a loud noise and witnessed the damaged accident. In addition, they suspect that the driver was in an inebriated state which led to the accident. They further added that the area is highly prone to frequent accidents which is why they insist on the construction of a speed breaker.

Meanwhile, after receiving the news, the officials of the Ambari outpost and the Canal More Traffic Outpost rushed to the scene, and the vehicle was taken into custody. The police officials are investigating the entire incident.

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