Guppy fish released in drainages of Fulbari for dengue prevention

Fulbari, 04th August: Dilip Roy, the outgoing Pradhan of Fulbari area released Guppy fish in the waterbodies such as drainage and ditches. As per reports, about 12,000 fish were released in various areas including Paschim Dhantala, Purba Dhantala, Rajib Nagar, and Mamta Para of Fulbari II Gram Panchayat (GP) as a dengue prevention.

In this regard, Dilip Roy stated that guppy fishes were released for their capabilities to stop the spread of dengue. He added that the said fish were provided by the Rajgnaj BDO Office. Furthermore, he stated that dengue awareness is also being imparted to the citizens.

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