Guppy fish handed over by Siliguri’s Mayor to curb mosquito-borne disease

Siliguri, 09th August: Siliguri Municipal Corporation is always hands-on ready to deal with the deadly disease dengue. Even before this, when the city witnessed the rise in the outbreak of dengue the Corporation had released guppy fishes in the drains and water bodies along with spraying bleaching powder at different places around the city. To tackle the disease again, Mayor Goutam Deb has taken initiative to release the guppy fish into various reservoirs in the city.

Today, the Mayor handed over guppy fish to five borough committees on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. Speaking in this regard, Goutam Deb stated the fact about the fish and how the release of fish can prevent the spread of dengue. He explained that the guppy fish eats the larvae of mosquitoes and thus the city will be free from this mosquito-borne disease. He added that the fish will be released in all the reservoirs and water-closed bodies of Siliguri. He also assured of more initiatives and steps to be taken to curb the disease.

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