Greenzen Bio Pvt. Ltd. Worker’s Union protests in demand of an increase in wages

Rajganj, 16th August: The members of Greenzen Bio Pvtt. Ltd. Worker’s Union in Putimari area of Fulbari started a strike in demand of an increase in their wages. The factory workers are holding a sit-in protest in front of the factory under the banner of the AIUTUC. During this, the workers said that if their demands are not met, then the agitation would continue.

Around 70 workers are employed in the said factory where the medical waste from the hospitals both government and private burn their wastage. The workers talked about the problems and grievances that they have been facing because the wage agreement has not been signed yet despite the termination of the agreement four years back. It is alleged that even after informing the management, no solution has been given to the problem so far.

Speaking in this regard, AIUTUC unit president Joy Lodh said that the management has not negotiated the wage settlement even after the wage settlement was terminated four years back which caused immense problems to the workers. Two and half months ago the workers had gone on a strike for the same demand. On getting assurance of holding a meeting from the factory management and resolving the matter as soon as possible, the workers withdrew the strike that had lasted for four days. 

Despite believing their assurance and withdrawing their strike, the demands were still not heard and adding to their woes no meeting has been held since then. Most of the workers do not have PF, Gratuity and ESI. It is alleged that the union has repeatedly requested the management to hold a meeting, but no response has been received from the management. At the same time, no response was given from the factory side.

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