Girl molested on the street in Siliguri in broad daylight

Siliguri, 17th January: An unsettling incident unfolded in the streets of Siliguri where a girl was subjected to molestation in broad daylight. The incident led to a widespread commotion across the city.

According to reports, the incident took place earlier on Wednesday in the College Road area from Hathi More to Siliguri College. Sources revealed that the girl was walking on the road when suddenly two youths appeared at the moment and allegedly molested the girl. Following this, the accused escaped the scene while the girl stood on the road and broke into tears.

After the incident, the matter was immediately reported at the Siliguri Women’s police station. However, the miscreants escaped the scene before the authorities arrived at the location. Meanwhile, the police initiated a hunt for the accused molesters with the aid of the CCTV footage installed in the vicinity.

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