Gajoldoba farmers distressed over rain deficit impact on nut cultivation

Gajoldoba, 19th May: Farmers in Gajoldoba are in distress over the looming loss due to a lack of yield in nut cultivation.

According to reports, the locals residing on the riverbanks of Teetsa in the Gajoldoba area of Rajganj block are dependent on vegetable cultivation. Different types of vegetables are cultivated on thousands of hectares of land every season. In addition to vegetables, farmers cultivate nuts across hundreds of bighas of multi-cultivated land along the Teesta River in Milanpally of Gajoldoba.

It has to be noted that a significant part of the neighboring markets, including Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, and even abroad, are supplied with the harvest. However, this year the farmers fear a substantial loss due to the absence of rain amid the rising temperatures.

In this regard, the farmers expressed that normally it takes about three to four months for nuts to harvest. However, this year the extreme weather conditions have hindered the process. The farmers have taken loans to support their cultivation activities. However, with the current situation casting doubt on the harvest, the farmers are concerned over the risk of loan repayment.

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