Fuel price will reduce once oil price lowers in international market, this system has been going on since the time of Rajiv Gandhi: Prahlad Modi

Siliguri, 14th July: Prahlad Modi, brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the vice president of All India Fair Price Shop Dealers’ Federation, spoke on the recent fuel price hike after arriving at the Bagdogra airport from Delhi on Wednesday. 

Prahlad Modi stated that due to the decrease in the price of oil in the international market, the price of petrol and diesel will fall in the country. He further maintained that this system has been going on since the time of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. 

Speaking in favour of the centre led by his brother, Modi further said that nothing can be done to bring down the rising fuel price. Nonetheless, the central government is engaged in cleaning up the mess accumulated since the time of Rajiv Gandhi. 

In addition to this, Modi also took a dig at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s ration distribution system and accused her of running the rationing system arbitrarily. “No guideline of the centre is being followed,” he added.

It is to be noted, Prahlad Modi headed to Sikkim after arriving at the Bagdogra airport. He has been invited by Sikkim Chief Minister PS Tamang (Golay) and is scheduled to take part in many programmes.


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