Free football coaching centre for rural girls kick starts in Sahudangi of Rajganj

Rajganj, 29th May: In a commendable initiative to nurture talented young girls in rural areas, a free football coaching centre has been established in the Paghalupara locality of Sahudangi under Rajganj block. According to information, Sahudangi area already has a football coaching centre for boys.

The sports landscape in North Bengal has witnessed the remarkable achievements of girls, with athletes like gold medalist Swapna Barman and renowned international football referee Kanika Barman shining on the global stage. Building upon this legacy, local philanthropist Rabindranath Roy took the initiative to establish a football coaching centre for girls, enlisting the expertise of two seasoned football coaches, Swapan Kumar Dey and Kamlesh Bhattacharya.

Over 25 girls from the area have enrolled in the centre and commenced their training in the sport. Coach Swapan Kumar Dey expressed optimism in producing skilled women players from the centre, urging parents to support and encourage them. Founder Rabindranath Roy emphasized the presence of immense talent among the village girls, acknowledging that the lack of proper training has hindered their progress in football. Thus, the establishment of the coaching centre aims to nurture and cultivate promising female football players.

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