Fraud on pretext of building house on EMIs in Siliguri, accused arrested

Siliguri, 25th November: An incident of fraud unfolded in Siliguri where the people who dreamt of owning a house were cheated of lakhs of rupees on the pretext of building houses on EMIs. The incident prompted the arrest of the accused, Ujjal Chaki, a resident of Ashram Para under Ward No. 14 of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC).

According to reports, Ujjal Chaki took money from the victims on the pretext of building a house on EMIs. Allegedly, Ujjal took money on a scheme based on EMIs for years and was unable to provide them the house as promised. Upon becoming suspicious of the scheme, the victims engaged in an investigation and realized being cheated. Following this, on November 18, a fraud complaint was filed against Ujjal at the Pradhan Nagar Police Station.

Based on the complaint, the Pradhan Nagar police, in collaboration with the Siliguri Police Station, initiated an investigation and arrested Ujjal Chaki from the Children Park area under the Siliguri police station. In this regard, the complainants have urged the police for the recovery of their lost finances.

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