Four including two children injured in a wild elephant attack in Kalchini

Kalchini, 21st December: Four members of a family, including two children, sustained injuries in a wild elephant attack in the Bukimbari Tea Estate area of Kalchini Block.

According to reports, late on Wednesday night, a herd of wild elephants entered the Bukimbari Tea Estate of Kalchini. Subsequently, the wild tuskers attacked the betel nut plantation of a person named Bikash Majhi, a resident of the tea garden area, while, a few elephants rammed into his house.

Upon being alerted about the incident, Bikash and his wife tried to escape from the scene with his two children. However, they were encircled by the herd. Consequently, they were unable to escape and hid under the bed of the house resulting in their injuries. Later the locals rescued the family and took them to Latabari Hospital for medical care.

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