Formation of Binnabari Gram Panchayat board leaves all in shock, BJP’s Alaksu Lakra appointed as the Pradhan

Siliguri, 17th August: The board formation of Binnabari Gram Panchayat board of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad made history with its very bizarre political situation leaving people shocked. Although the board was formed by Trinamool Congress, however, the Pradhan was made from BJP and the Upa-Pradhan from TMC. 

It is to be noted, out of 13 seats in Binnabari Gram Panchayat, Trinamool won 09 seats and BJP bagged 04 seats. The TMC, even after securing a majority, ran into trouble as the ruling party did not have a candidate for the post of Pradhan which had been specifically reserved for Scheduled Tribes. Reportedly, the board was going to be formed on July 25, but due to the absence of TMC on the said day, the board formation process was postponed. After which, when the board formation was conducted today, Alaksu Lakra of BJP was elected as the Pradhan and Pramod Prasad of Trinamool was elected as the Upa-Pradhan. Section 144 was imposed amidst strict security in the area to avoid any untoward incident. 

The newly elected head said that he will work toward the betterment of people and society. He further showed his support of the decisions taken by the people. Meanwhile, Block Trinamool President Mukul Sarkar said that since none of their candidates belonged to the Scheduled Tribes category, they could not appoint their candidate as the Pradhan. He further added that the two parties will work together hand in hand for the welfare of the public without bringing any political differences. 

In regard to this, BJP District President Anandmoy Barman said that this is the first time in the history of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad that BJP has been elected as the Pradhan. Although there was extortion and threats to the two tribal candidates to join the opposition party but could not succeed.

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