Forest personnel puts an end to bear terror in Kalchini, one rescued

Kalchini, 15th November: The sighting of a bear had spread panic for the last few days in Uttar Mendabari area under Kalchini block. Locals were spending their days in fear for their lives. Fortunately, the forest department partially put an end to their misery after capturing the wild animal.

According to the information, the bear was attacking the domesticated animals in the area. Locals noticed an adult bear wandering in the Uttar Mendabari area this morning too. Acting promptly, the Chilapata Forest Range personnel reached the spot and cordoned off the entire area. Kumki elephants (trained captive Asian elephants) were brought from Chilapata to help in the search for the bear. 

As soon as the forest staff caught sight of the bear, they shot it with a tranquillizer and took it into their possession. However, there is still one more bear at large for the forest personnel to capture. Only then the people of the area will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

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