Fire breaks out in an abandoned office of Battala Market Complex in Belakoba

Rajganj, 13th May: A massive fire broke out in the abandoned office of the Battala Market Complex located in Belakoba of Rajganj block, sparking a wave of concern among the residents.

According to reports, on Monday, locals spotted smoke emanating from the abandoned office. Consequently, the local residents swiftly splashed buckets of water at the fire in an attempt to douse the raging inferno.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Belakoba outpost were promptly alerted and rushed to the scene. With the collaborative efforts of the locals and law enforcement, the fire was successfully brought under control. Following this, a fire engine from Jalpaiguri arrived and brought the entire situation under control.

Fortunately, there have been no reports of casualties or injuries resulting from the fire. At present, the officials from the Belakoba Outpost have initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fire.

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