Fire breaks out in a warehouse near Siliguri’s Devidanga, further investigation underway

Siliguri, 19th January: Sensation prevailed after a fire broke out in a warehouse near Devidanga auto stand on Tuesday night. Reportedly, the blaze was so intense that the entire warehouse burnt to ashes within a few minutes.

The fire was eventually put off with the help of three fire engines and hours of effort. Meanwhile, a team of Pradhan Nagar Police was also deployed on the spot to investigate if it was an accident or the warehouse was deliberately set on fire.

The manager of the warehouse, Ravi Yadav stated that he had visited the warehouse in the evening after which around 7:30 pm he received a call that the warehouse was on fire. He alleged that the fire had been purposely started as there is no electricity connection inside the warehouse.

Backing the claim, the Siliguri Fire Station In-charge Ajit Ghosh also stated that the fire must have been intentionally started and the matter should be investigated.

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