Feral hogs in Madarihat destroy local crops, residents distressed

Alipurduar, 02nd August: Residents of Meghnath Saha Nagar in Madarihat, Alipurduar district, are living in fear and distress due to the raids of wild animals. The neighborhood has been facing frequent attacks from wild elephants and monkeys. Now, a new problem has arisen as wild hogs are entering the area and causing significant damage to crops.

The locals have expressed their concerns about a herd of wild pigs regularly invading their village in their wake. While the wild elephants pose a threat during the night, the wild pigs are becoming a menace during the daytime, especially by damaging crops.

To address this escalating issue, a meeting of the Forest Department’s Joint Forest Protection Committee was called in Madarihat. The committee discussed various strategies to protect the residents from wild animal intrusions. Sujit Nandi, the president of the committee, shared that efforts are underway to safely relocate the group of wild pigs back into the deep forest, ensuring the safety and well-being of the local community.

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