Fake army colonel from Sikkim arrested in Siliguri

Siliguri, 11th July: In a joint operation, the Military Intelligence Bureau (M.I.) and Bhakti Nagar police successfully apprehended an imposter posing as an army colonel. The arrest took place at a restaurant in Salugara, where the accused imposter, identified as Dalchand Verma (50) from Sikkim, was caught.

According to M.I. sources, Dalchand Verma had allegedly been recruiting young individuals by falsely promising them positions in the Indian Army, claiming that he could help them rise to the rank of colonel. Upon learning of these activities, the Army Intelligence Bureau and the Bhakti Nagar police contacted the imposter and arranged a meeting at the aforementioned restaurant. The joint operation culminated in the arrest of fake Colonel Dalchand Verma.

Investigations have revealed that Dalchand Verma had been parading around Siliguri, wearing an Indian Army uniform and introducing himself as a colonel, thereby gaining the trust of unemployed youth aspiring to join the Army. Subsequently, he would extract money from them, claiming it was for securing their employment, before fleeing to different states across the country. Today, the imposter was presented before the Jalpaiguri court for routine interrogation, while he remains in police custody.


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