Endangered fishing cat rescued in Rajganj Sariam area

Rajganj, 25th April: Sensation prevailed after an endangered fishing cat was rescued from the Jalpaiguri Dasdarga and Sariam area on Saturday morning.

After the footprints of a leopard were spotted, a few days ago, near the said area, the locals were under the grip of terror. Acting promptly, the Belakoba Range officials planted a cage to trap the wild animal in the Rajganj Sariam Pradhan Para area.

However, instead of a leopard, a fishing cat was trapped in the cage today. It has been learned that the animal looks similar to a leopard.

Range officer Sanjay Dutta stated that the locals must have spotted the footprints of a fishing cat earlier. He further maintained that the forest officials are continuously patrolling in the surrounding areas.

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