Employees of a shop swindled crores of rupees from the owner in Siliguri, and five arrested

Siliguri, 23rd November: Harsh Goenka, owner of Shree Shyam Udyog, and a well-known hardware businessman from Siliguri, was duped of crores by his employees. Five people have been arrested so far in the scam. 

Reportedly, Prasanjit and Deepak, two employees working in Shree Shyam Industries, together embezzled crores of rupees which Harsh Goenka came to learn in November. After which, on November 12 he lodged a complaint at the Siliguri Metropolitan’s Panitanki Out Post.

Reportedly, the accountants, Prasanjeet Dutta and Deepak Agarwal got a deal of about Rs 10 crore per order from Siliguri-based businessman Babul Rashid. Both planned to embezzle an enormous amount in the said deal. They delivered goods worth Rs 10 crore to Babul Rashid, a businessman for about Rs 7 to 8 crore rupees and showed the amount as outstanding in the account of Shree Shyam Udyog.

When the amount did not come into the account for a month, Harsh Goenka inquired with Babul Rashid in which the whole matter was revealed. After this, a complaint was lodged against the said accountants Prasanjeet Dutta and Deepak Aggarwal at the police station, after which the whole matter was then reached to DD of Siliguri Metropolitan Police. The DD arrested both the accused on November 15 and took them on remand for 7 days.

On interrogating the duo, two more names of accomplices Masjidul Islam and Amit Chowdhary came to the fore. After this, businessman Babul Rashid, who bought the goods after the deal, was also arrested from Bihar. After questioning all of the suspects, about 27 tonnes of iron has been recovered so far.

On the other hand, today, DD’s team took Deepak Agarwal and Prasanjeet Dutta, the mastermind of the scam, on remand after presenting them in the Siliguri court. As per the sources, the said scam was going on for a long time and it has been suspected that more people are involved in it.

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