Elephant carcass recovered in Rajganj, multiple people detained by police

Rajganj, 04th May: Sensation prevailed after the carcass of an adult elephant was recovered by the Forest Department officials from the Rajganj Maharaj Ghat Takimari Char area, on Monday.

As per the report, the forest workers and the Milan Pally outpost police reached the spot, this morning, after being notified that an elephant was lying dead near a paddy field in the said area.

Allegedly, several farmers had put up electric fencing around the Baikunthapur forest area to protect their crops from elephants. The locals, therefore, presume that the elephant might have been electrocuted to death.

The police have detained several people in the incident. Belakoba Range Officer Sanjay Dutta stated that according to the primary investigation, the elephant was probably electrocuted to death.

Further investigation into the incident has been launched and an autopsy of the elephant is being carried out to determine the cause of its death.

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