Elephant carcass recovered from vegetable farm adjacent to Gajoldoba

Rajganj, 27th March: An elephant carcass was recovered from a vegetable farm near Gajoldoba, on Sunday.

It has been learned that the carcass of an elephant was found near the Maharajghat vegetable farm on the Teesta char of Mantadari Gram Panchayat adjacent to Gajoldoba. After receiving the news, ADFO Manjula Tirkey of Baikunthapur Forest Department and Belakoba Range Officer Sanjay Dutta reached the spot shortly after.

A local named Uttam Roy said, “Vegetables are widely cultivated in the Teesta Char area adjacent to the forest. Wild elephants attack the area almost every day in search of food. Allegedly, many farmers use electric fences to protect their crops. The elephant was found dead near a pumpkin field today. A bag of chemical fertilizers was also recovered next to the carcass. We assume that the elephant might have died after consuming it.”

On the other hand, ADFO of Baikunthapur Forest Department Manjula Tirkey said that an elephant died this morning. The investigation is underway. The reason for the elephant’s death will be determined after an autopsy.

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