Elderly woman hit by a speeding car on Kalchini Asian Highway

Kalchini, 23rd September: A horrifying mishap surfaced where an elderly woman sustained severe injuries after being hit by a car while waiting in line for her ration in the Dalsingpara of Kalchini block, on Saturday.

According to reports, Komli Tamang, a resident of the Dalsingpara (New Line) area, traveled to the Dalsingpara Chowpathi neighborhood to receive ration when she was accidentally hit by a speeding four-wheeler, bearing a Bhutan registration number, on the Asian highway near Dalsingpara Chowpathi. As a result, the woman sustained critical injuries.

Following this, the locals rushed to her aid and transported her to a nearby health center. Upon receiving the news, the Jaigaon police promptly arrived at the scene and initiated a hunt for the vehicle involved in the incident.

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