Door-to-door drinking water delivery commences in Ambari of Rajganj

Rajganj, 04th June: The work of delivering PHE drinking water to every doorstep has started in Ambari of Rajganj.

It has been learned that piped drinking water will be supplied to the villages under Chakiavita PHE of Binnaguri Gram Panchayat in Rajganj block. Meanwhile, pipelines have already been laid in Sunamganj, Kamarvita, and Colony No. 09 areas.

In this regard, a person named Ramnath Roy said that the move will be very beneficial for all in the village.

Tushar Dutta, Deputy Pradhan of the panchayat, said that residents of the area had a long-standing demand for drinking water. Therefore, as part of the door-to-door drinking water project, work has been started to supply drinking water to the villages under Chakiavita PHE. In the coming days, piped drinking water will be delivered to all areas.

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