Dilapidated road from Jotiakali to Fulbari troubles commuters

Rajganj, 27th July: The deteriorating condition of the national highway is raising concerns among the local people and drivers of the area between Jotiakali to Fulbari. Accidents have also become frequent. The locals and the drivers are demanding early repair of the dilapidated road.

According to the sources, the Siliguri-Jalpaiguri-31D National Highway has been made four-lane, but about three kilometers of road from Jotiakali to Fulbari has been abandoned. The reason for the abandonment is stated that the local villagers are not giving land for further construction of the road. Due to this, the condition of the three-kilometer road is worsening day by day. Potholes have made it even worse for people to commute on the road.

The locals of the area also said that the road has been in a bad shape for a very long time. No repairs are done to fix the dilapidated roads and there are always traffic jams due to poor condition. This is not just troubling the locals or daily commuters but also school students of Fulbari High School who travel on the road putting their safety and their lives at risk.

The drivers also added that due to the numerous potholes forming on the road, the fear of accidents always remains. This and the constant long hours of traffic jams are also affecting their vehicles and demand for swift action to repair the roads by the authorities.

Speaking in this regard, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) Project Director Sanjeev Kumar Sharma said over the phone that the bad road is under his notice. They have already planned to start the repair and have been waiting to commence once the rainy season ends

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