Deity Madan Mohan’s Idol bathed with 108 pots of water ahead of Rath Yatra in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, 04th June: In a ritual that has been practiced since the time of the Royal family and Kings, the idol of Deity Madan Mohan was bathed with 108 pots of water in Cooch Behar. Notably, this ritual is followed ahead of the Rath Yatra, on the full moon day of Jyeshtha month according to the Hindu Calender.

Reportedly, Madan Mohan’s idol is bathed with 108 pots of water along with milk, curd, ghee, honey, and water from the Holy Ganga, according to the ritual. Additionally, special worship is also being organized. Today, devotees flocked to the Madan Mohan Temple to witness the Snan (Bath) Yatra.

Speaking in this regard, Rajpurohit, Hirendranath Bhattacharya said that Madan Mohan is the deity of the Royal Kings of Cooch Behar, for which, ahead of any auspicious works, the residents of Cooch Behar firstly start by worshiping Madan Mohan. Additionally, he stated that the ritual held today is a tradition dating back to the time of the Royal Kings of Cooch Behar.

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