Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar performed “Choku Daan” on the occasion of Mahalaya

Siliguri, 25th September: Mahalaya marks the commencement of Durga Puja. It holds a special significance for the people of Bengal and they wait for this day every year. According to the beliefs, on this day Goddess Durga comes down on the earth from Kailash and stays here for the next 10 days.

According to the Bengali tradition, on this day the sculptors start coloring the Goddess’s statue for the first time. Along with this, artists give shape to the eyes of the Maa Durga on this day also known as Chokhu which basically means the eye. This time of the occasion is exciting as well as emotional because a sculptor starts giving life to the statue with his art. After this, the idol of Maa Durga enhances the beauty of various pandals throughout the celebrations of Durga Puja.

According to the scriptures, this year also the people of Siliguri performed tarpan, an offering made to our ancestors in the Mahananda river of Siliguri. Despite rain and gloomy weather on the morning of Mahalaya, people offered water to their ancestors. Today, in this regard Deputy Mayor of Siliguri Municipal Corporation Ranjan Sarkar also made his offering of water to his ancestors in the Mahananda River.

In this regard, Ranjan Sarkar explained the meaning behind tarpan offerings on the morning of Mahalaya. He described the importance of the ritual to grant them blessings of happiness, peace, and prosperity. The blessings are sought through water offering to the ancestors. Many people performed tarpan in the Mahananda River. He further stated that due to the Covid pandemic, he could not worship his late mother for two years. He wished everyone well.

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