Darjeeling District Magistrate hands out Student’s Credit Card to 29 students

Siliguri, 20th November: Student’s Credit Card (SCC) scheme launched by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is allowing meritious students to pursue education without having any financial constraints. Several students across the state are benefitting from this scheme.

Through the SCC, a student from West Bengal can obtain a maximum loan of Rs. 10 lakhs at 4% per annum simple interest from the State Cooperative Bank and its affiliated Central Cooperative Banks and District Central Cooperative Banks and Public/ Private Sector Banks. During a press meet, Chief Minister had earlier expressed anger over the delay in disbursement of SCCs and had given strict orders to distribute them immediately.

Owing to this, today the Darjeeling District Magistrate S Ponnambalam handed out SCCs to 29 students of Siliguri, who are pursuing higher education. The DM maintained that four banks have been affiliated with the scheme. Out of the 29 students, 3 pupils who hail from Darjeeling were also given the SCCs in Siliguri itself. Reportedly, the administration will be handing out more SCCs in the coming days as well.

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