Darjeeling district BJP staged protest in Siliguri demanding re-opening of schools-colleges

Siliguri, 24th January: Darjeeling district BJP staged a protest in Siliguri demanding the re-opening of all educational institutions, on Monday.

A demonstration was held in front of Baghajatin Park, Siliguri with placards. Siliguri MLA Shankar Ghosh, Matigara-Naxalbari MLA Anandamoy Barman, Dabgram Fulbari MLA Shikha Chatterjee, and others were present at the programme.

In this regard, Anandamoy Barman said, “While everything in the state is being opened, I do not understand the reason for the closure of educational institutions. Students are suffering due to the closure of schools-colleges for such a long time.” Hence, he demanded schools be reopened soon.

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