Cybercrime in Siliguri: Kanyashree project money saved by a student goes missing from her bank account

Siliguri, 24th February: A complaint was lodged at the Cyber Crime Department after the money, received from the Kanyashree project, vanished from the bank account of Naina Das Gupta, a student of 11th standard and a resident of Sukna, Siliguri.

As per the report, when Naina’s father updated Naina’s bank passbook, on Sunday, it was revealed that an amount of 19 thousand rupees was missing from Naina’s bank account. When her father, Badal Das Gupta, questioned the bank management, it was revealed that a total amount of 19 thousand rupees had been withdrawn from Naina’s account through online procedure. A written complaint, in this regard, has been lodged at the Cyber Crime Department, today. The Cyber Crime Department has assured that an investigation will be launched soon and justice will be provided.

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