Cyberbullies threaten TMC MLA Udayan Guha to post his superimposed pictures on social media

Cooch Behar, 02 January: The Cooch Behar police had been notified by the people who received suspicious video calls from unknown numbers for the past several days.

Following this, Dinhata Trinamool MLA Udayan Guha also became a victim to the cyberbully. Allegedly, the cyberbullies threatened to make the MLA's superimposed pictures and lewd videos viral on social media.

During a press conference today, MLA Udayan Guha stated that he received a video call from a number and since receiving the call, he has been receiving threats from several unknown numbers to make his superimposed picture viral on social media. Apart from the phone calls, he is also receiving many text messages demanding money.

While the entire case has already been given to the police, the MLA requested the people of Cooch Behar not to take the pictures as real and misunderstand him if any such videos or photos are revealed.

Reportedly, the crooks make the video calls at night and superimpose the photos taken from those video calls. The Cooch Behar district police have advised all not to receive such video calls.

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