CPI(M) leader Ashok Bhattacharya appointed chairman of Siliguri civic body, TMC Councilors excluded from BoA

Siliguri, 16th May: The term of the elected board at SMC, the highest civic body of Bengal after the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), will end on May 17, 2020. 

After a notification was issued yesterday regarding the five TMC Councilors included in the list of the 12-member Board of administrators (BoA), Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya expressed outrage over the issue and pointed reservations over members of the Trinamool Congress being included in the BoA for the civic body. He further questioned that while no other civic body in the state has opposition leaders in their administrative board, why such a decision has been taken in case of Siliguri.

Following the announcement, the State Government, on Saturday, issued a fresh notification, where Ashok Bhattacharya has been declared as the Chairman of the civic body. Apart from this, more members of the left parties have been appointed and the five TMC Councilors have been excluded from the BoA.

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